The joy of the warm weather can quickly disappear on one of these days: Berlin is threatened with the fifth drought year in a row in 2022, because it has simply rained too little and the extreme drought of the years 2018 to 2020 has not yet been compensated for. In India there is a record heat of almost 50 degrees Celsius in some places.

The Indian average temperatures of the past few months, which researchers explain as man-made climate change, are the highest on record. It is also unusually warm in Europe at the moment – ​​and this is just the beginning.

Spain, Italy, Southern France: It will be very hot in the next few days, especially in the south-west and south of Europe. In Madrid, for example, 36 degrees are expected on Saturday. It is clearly too warm for the month of May, as can be seen from the data from the English weather service MetDesk Limited. The numbers only become truly alarming when viewed in context.

MetDesk Limited compares the expected temperatures with the average values ​​from the years 1979 to 2010. Then deviations of 12 to 16 degrees Celsius are noticeable in some regions. In Seville, Spain, for example, it should be around 40 degrees warm on Friday. In the southern French city of Toulouse, it will also be far too hot with a forecast of 30 degrees on Friday, May 20th.

And when it rains, it’s too hard. The German Weather Service has issued a warning of heavy rain for Monday, which extends from North Rhine-Westphalia to Bavaria and will shift to the northeast from the evening. The most important things at a glance: