In the mayoral election in Dresden, incumbent Dirk Hilbert (FDP) is ahead – but he missed an absolute majority. Hilbert received 32.5 percent of the votes, as the city announced on Sunday evening after counting all 538 polling stations. Hilbert stood up for the alliance “Independent Citizens for Dresden”, which is also supported by the CDU. He clearly left the other candidates behind with a gap of more than 13 percentage points. A second round of voting will take place on July 10. Only then will it be clear who will rule Dresden’s town hall in the future.

In the other places are Dresden’s environmental mayor Eva Jähningen (Greens) with 18.9 percent, SPD interior expert Albrecht Pallas (15.2 percent), the AfD MEP Maximilian Krah (14.2 percent) and the left candidate André Schollbach ( 10.3 percent). Martin Schulte-Wissermann for the Pirate Party (2.9 percent) and the individual candidates Marcus Fuchs (3.4 percent) – organizer of the Dresden “Querdenker” demos – and Sascha Wolff (1.3 percent) received significantly fewer votes.

According to the city, turnout was 47.4 percent on Sunday, slightly lower than in 2015. At that time, 51.1 percent of those entitled to vote went to the polls in the first ballot.