In Novosibirsk the street came the famous David by Michelangelo

In Novosibirsk, street Factory, 27 in loft-quarter “Mill” artist Marina Berry drew the image of David, the famous statue by Michelangelo.

the Image is applied on the lateral surface of two containers stacked one on top of each other. In the process, the artist fell down the stairs, but everything eventually ended well.

I thought that in this work, for me the hardest will win “IFLANET” containers. But it turned out that my main enemy is gravity. Just finished doing the face and had a nasty fall down the stairs. I caught my foot in the process of the fall managed to dislodge the shoulder (who knows — it’s wildest hurt). In conclusion, picturesquely hung upside down. I am very lucky to have worked with builders and quickly ran to my cries, — says the artist.