In Novosibirsk has earned a system of control of drugs — more expensive drugs and will disappear from the pharmacies

From 1 July in Russia started to work mandatory labelling of medicines: and the producers and sellers were given time for its introduction, the purchasing of necessary equipment and so on. Journalist NGS Maria Tishchenko learned from representatives of the field, all Lee had to prepare for this, what is the probability that consumers will be left without any drugs, more expensive drugs and how the whole market will change.

Who is responsible for the labelling of medicines in the country

the Operator of the Federal state information system “Monitoring of the movement of drugs” (MDLP) by decision of the government was the development Center of advanced technologies (CRPT). He, in turn, created a Unified national system of digital marking and traceability of products — the “Honest sign”, where consumers can inspect the goods and complain about them.