the fall of the ruble and the threat of the spread of coronavirus has led to higher prices and lower income Russians. Experts predict a further deterioration of the situation in this regard, the real boom in bankruptcies. Commented one of the leading Trustees in bankruptcy of Russia, the head of the legal company “Aristocrat” Anton S. Uskov.

— Anton Sergeevich, what caused this crisis?

— the Dollar rose strongly, so inevitably will increase prices. It has already begun and will continue to increase. In most industries all the components are purchased in China or somewhere else abroad for dollars. If the giants are still able to survive, small and medium businesses will be very hard, many will close. And their employees remain without work, but with loans and debts. Those who work, no salary will not increase, and its simply no longer enough to live on.

— do you Expect an increase in the number of bankruptcies?

— by far. When was the last time I was up a dollar in 2014 has introduced an amendment on bankruptcy of physical violence. Then there was a huge flow of people who went bankrupt. Now will be the same.

you Have to understand that it’s not their fault, they did something bad. They just got in a hopeless situation, forcing the user to resort to filing for bankruptcy. Many feel almost fraudulent, as though deceive the banks. Of course not.