House prices in the netherlands in the first six months rose once again. That’s according to figures published by Statbel, the Belgian government statistics. In Flanders, the mediaanprijs in front of a closed, or semi-detached building of 230,000 eur, for a building, that is 325.000 euro for an apartment 190.000 euro.

compared with a year earlier, the mediaanprijzen for all types of homes, again, increased by 5,000 euros, or 2.2 percent, for a closed or semi-open first buildings, with a € 15,000, or 4.8 percent, to open the first buildings, and with 5,000 euros, or 2.7 per cent for apartments.

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Among the provinces, there are significant differences. A house in Flanders, it is the most expensive in Flemish Brabant, belgium. In a closed or a semi-detached house the cost there are 270,000 euros, for a building, that is 365.000€. The prices are the cheapest in the province of Limburg: 195.000 euros for a house in a closed or semi-open areas and carried 253,000 euros for detached houses. The apartments in the first half of the year, and were the most expensive in Flemish Brabant, belgium (210.000 euros), is one of the cheapest in Antwerp, 183.500€).

The most expensive municipality to buy a house in Flanders, was, in the first half of the year, Sint-Martens-Latem. The mediaanprijs of the houses is 570.000€. In the top three, Knokke-Heist, belgium (530.000 euros), and in Kraainem (507.500 time. The cheapest houses in Flanders are to be found in Town (140,000 euros), Mean (155.000 euros) and Wervik (160.000 euros).

you may Also use it in the rest of Belgium went with the house prices rising in the first half of the year. Housing in Wallonia, where prices are the lowest in the country increased by 5.5 per cent to 145.000 euros for a sealed or a semi-detached house. The mediaanprijzen to open the first buildings rose 2.6 per cent to 236.000 euro. The apartments were 3.6% more expensive, up to 145.000€. Brussels has traditionally been the most expensive. The houses are in a closed or a semi-detached house costs 399.000 euro and were up by 10.1 per cent more expensive. Houses, building cost, 840.000 euros and were up 1.2 per cent more expensive. The apartments were only 2 percent more expensive, and will cost 200,000 dollars.

The most expensive borough in the country, is also in the Brussels district of Ixelles, with a mediaanprijs from 740.000 euros. The cheapest house in Hastière, Namur. The mediaanprijs in the first half of the year was there was about 65,000 euros.

also in The top twenty of the most expensive and the cheapest districts: