Grigory Petrovsky: who was the man who was removed from the photos with Stalin

Biography 27/12/19 Grigory Petrovsky: who was the man who was removed from the photos with Stalin

In the photograph, dated 1922, filmed the participants of the XI Congress of the RCP(b) on which Stalin was elected General Secretary of the Central Committee. Right next to Stalin the picture shows Grigory Petrovsky, who a few years later with the aforementioned picture disappeared.

Before the revolution

Grigory Petrovsky was born in 1878 in Kharkov. His parents were simple workers. Yes, and the Petrovsky worked with for 11 years: worked as a mechanic, a Turner, a laborer in various factories of Ekaterinoslav, Nikolayev, in the mines of Donbass. From his youth he was no stranger to politics. According to Nicholas Zenkovich, author of the encyclopedia “the Most private of people”, at the age of 19 Petrovsky became a member of the “Union of struggle for the emancipation of the working class”, and a year later joined the RSDLP. For such persuasion Petrovsky twice been in jail in 1900 and in 1903.

However, Grigory Petrovsky persisted in their activities. In the autumn of 1912 Ekaterinoslav workers Petrovsky was elected a Deputy of IV State Duma. He often spoke at the Duma meetings. Speech Petrovsky often related to Ukrainian language, education and culture. That is why, as mentioned in the book “memories of G. I. Petrovsky” in the person of Grigory Ivanovich Ukrainian people saw a genuine leader. That’s only in 1914 Petrovsky was arrested again and exiled to the Turukhansk region. The freedom he, like many revolutionaries, was due to the February revolution.

The party elite

After the revolution the political career of Grigory Petrovsky promptly went uphill. Activities Petrovsky was associated mainly with Ukraine. In 1918 he became Chairman of the Ukrainian CEC. It is therefore not surprising that the historical Plenum of the Central Committee, formed at the XI Congress of the party held on 3 April 1922and, Peter were also present. At least so says Dmitri Volkogonov, the author of the book “Stalin.” And the originals on which Petrovsky stands next to other participants of the event, confirmation. It was at this Plenum it was decided to introduce the position of Secretary General, which then was elected Joseph Stalin.

a year Later, Grigory Petrovsky, as indicated encyclopedia G. N. Golikov and M. I. Kuznetsov, “the Great October socialist revolution”, participated in the development of the organizational structure of the Soviet authorities and the RSFSR Constitution. However, many remember petrowski exclusively as one of the perpetrators of the famine in Ukraine. Indeed, in 1932, he was appointed responsible for carrying the bread pieces in the Donetsk region. But, according to Yuri Slezkin, author of “government House”, the hardness of Grigory Ivanovich was often combined with intercession. So, Peter wrote to Molotov that the peasants need to provide, because those will simply remove the immature bread.

In the doghouse

whatever it was, at the time, Grigory Petrovsky was at the Zenith of fame. He was even given an apartment in government House. Together with Peter’s lived there and his son Leonid. It should be noted that Grigory Ivanovich was another son, Peter. According to Robert conquest, the author of the book “the Great terror” in 1937, Peter Petrovski, editor of “Leningrad truth”, was arrested on charges of involvement in anti-Soviet organizations. In 1941, Petrovsky, Jr. was shot. In connection with this fact, as well as a number of other reasons, many historians, including Donald Rayfield was the author of the book “Stalin and his henchmen” called Leninist Grigory Ivanovich lucky.

in fact, Petrovsky spared not only the tsarist secret police, but Stalin. In 1939 he was accused of “criminal connections” with the “enemies of the people” and was removed from all his posts, but other penalties not affected. However, Grigory long could find a job. He helped an old friend and also a former State Duma Deputy Fedor Samoilov. By the time Samoilov was the Director of the Museum of revolution of USSR. There he arranged for a caretaker and Petrovsky. According to Anton Antonov-Ovseenko in his book “a portrait of the tyrant”, Grigory Petrovsky settled in the attic of the mentioned Museum. So he spent the rest of his life. However, after the death of Stalin attitude to Petrovsky has changed: in 1958 he was buried at the Kremlin wall.

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