In comparison to the large industrial nations, German employees rarely feel stressed. This is the result of a survey by the consulting firm Gallup. According to this, 40 percent of those surveyed in Germany stated that they had felt stress the day before. The average for the seven largest industrial nations was 46 percent, and 39 percent across Europe. According to the survey, stress has reached a peak worldwide during the Corona crisis – in the USA more than half of the employees are stressed.

According to the Gallup poll, European workers are among the happiest people in the world. The happiest workers live in the Netherlands, followed by Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and Norway. At the same time, employees in Europe are dissatisfied above average when asked about their managers.

“In Germany we benefit from a combination of extensive job security through the instrument of short-time work and a stable social and health system,” noted Gallup expert Marco Nink. The fact that many could work from home also reduces stress. Because that eliminates the commute.

Many have gotten used to the home office. Therefore, according to the findings, they want to move less often for the job. The shortage of skilled workers also contributes to this. A good half thinks it is good time to find a new job. However, only 11 percent consider it likely that they will move within the next twelve months. Europe-wide it is 14 percent.

“The corona pandemic has changed the situation permanently in favor of the employees,” said Nink. “The home office will remain and will be an important part of employer attractiveness.” In general, European companies should do more to look after their employees, Gallup found out that the bond with the employer has become particularly weak here. Only 14 percent of employees have a strong emotional bond with their employer (Germany: 16 percent). This puts Europe at the bottom of the global rankings.