From 1 July in Novosibirsk to change the price of telecommunications services

the Mode of isolation has made a significant difference in the lives of each of us. Someone mastered a new profession, learn to shop online, while others have moved to a remote format of work and training. Requirements for the quality of home Internet has increased significantly. How to choose the best option?

first suggest to determine the available providers at your address. You can access public services, such as 2gis, and in two clicks to find information on companies providing communication services for your home. Define their needs and requirements to the ISP. You only need the Internet, or packages with TV, too interesting? Depending on for what purposes the Internet is necessary, and may vary the maximum speed of data transmission. For fans of online games suitable rates of speed of 300Mbps, and to work and watching soap operas is enough for 100 Mbit. Learn about current tariffs and promotions on the Internet connection. To independently collect information on each provider, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort.

the Alternative is to immediately call the Internet service provider “the Siberian networks”. The Manager can quickly check the technical possibility of connection of services at your address, to advise you on all relevant tariffs, to choose the necessary equipment for connection and assign a convenient time to connect.