Fighting on Damansky: what secret weapons were used by the USSR against the Chinese

History 12/02/20 Fighting on Damansky: what secret weapons were used by the USSR against the Chinese

1969 was marred by an armed conflict with the Soviet Union with China over the contested by both sides of the island Damanski, rasplozhennyh on the Ussuri river. Only on March 2, during the fighting killed 31 Soviet border guards, another 14 were injured. The initiative in the confrontation as the swing passed it to one or to the other side.

“We were filled with such fierce anger at those bastards who in those moments just wanted to put as many as possible. For the boys, themselves, for this span is useless, but still our land,” recalled Sergeant Yuri Babanskii.

still, March 15, having spent all the ammunition, the Soviet border guards were forced to cede the island to ten times superior in manpower to the enemy. At this critical moment an event occurred that gave rise to many rumors. For a few kilometers into the Chinese territory, suddenly came under a barrage of fire that was literally incinerated warriors of China.

March 15, around 17:00 in case of critical situation by order of the commander of armies of far East military district the General-Colonel Oleg Moosie in violation of the provisions of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee, the Chinese opened fire with speculation that jet systems of volley fire “Hail”.

Exploding shells destroyed most of the material and technical resources of the Chinese factions and led to the deaths of several hundred, according to others, a few thousand Chinese military. After a fiery Apocalypse, the bloodless defeat of the enemy did the rest of the Soviet infantry.

According to Chinese historian Liu Chen Shan during the conflict over the Sino-Soviet the Soviet Union and China were on the verge of a nuclear war and only the intervention of the United States have prevented the disaster. According to the historian, Soviet diplomats informed Washington of Moscow’s plans for “Nateopening a country’s own China threat” and the intention “to get rid of this modern adventurer” (meant Mao Zedong).

Liu Chen Shan even an excerpt from the conversation, Kosygin and Brezhnev, in which the head of the government reported to the General Secretary: “the United States has made it clear that China’s interests are closely connected with their interests, and they developed a detailed plan for a nuclear war against us.” The threat to the United States then allegedly took effect, and Moscow has cancelled all plans for a nuclear attack.

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