(OTTAWA) The federal government calls its new offer presented Friday to the nearly 150,000 public service employees who have been on strike for 11 days now “fair, competitive and reasonable.”

In a brief statement released on Saturday, the Treasury Board said its latest offer includes “improvements to salary and non-salary conditions” for public servants and touches on issues such as telecommuting and seniority.

He argues that this proposal “addresses all remaining demands” of the Canada Public Service Agency (PSAC) and believes that public servants should be given the opportunity to read the details to assess it.

However, the federal government does not go into the details of its new offer, reserving this information for the negotiation tables. He still calls his proposal an “updated final comprehensive” offer.

More than 100,000 members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada walked off the job on April 19, and talks have continued on and off ever since.

The collective agreements affect 155,000 federal workers in total, but the government has considered about 46,000 of them essential workers who do not participate in job action.

The PSAC collective agreements expired in 2021.

The union confirmed on Friday that it had received the government’s new offer, but preferred not to comment further due to the resumption of discussions at the bargaining table.

Both parties have spoken of the desire to continue negotiations this weekend.