fear Of the Brexit plans around each of the third British company to move its business abroad. This is the result of a representative survey of the British economic Association, Institute of Directors (IOD) among the 1,200 business leaders. 16 percent of businesses prepare, therefore, already moving, 13 percent seriously consider to leave the UK. The aim of the company other EU countries are for the most part. The IODINE for about 30,000 members, according to its own figures, a majority of whom are managers of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Britain to leave the EU is currently, for the 29. March 2019 is planned. It should give up then, neither a Deal nor a postponement of the deadline would leave the country well in spite of the vote of British MPs against a Unger Brexit apply without a contract from the EU.

showed The Numbers, that more and more small and medium-sized companies would think about a move, said IOD interim Director of the Edwin Morgan. So far, mainly large companies had announced that their businesses abroad to relocate. The consequences of pulling companies from the uncertainty of the Situation could no longer be ignored. “Changes are important, and often a positive part of the business, but the inevitable incision and the high barriers to trade, which would bring a No-Deal-Brexit, they are not productive,” said Morgan.