The leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec Éric Duhaime sent a letter to the elected officials of the CAQ in the Quebec region inviting them to join his team, after the party changed its mind about the third link this week .

“Faced with the betrayal of Mr. Legault, you now have only two solutions: submit to the party line or honor the trust of your voters”, writes the leader of the PCQ in a missive sent to 14 elected CAQ members of the region of Quebec Saturday.

“If you choose to stand, I’m reaching out to you and inviting you to talk to me, to get to know us better, to see if the compatibility between us can go beyond a 3rd motorway link, continues Mr. Duhaime. Let us assess together if there is a way to reduce the current democratic distortion, to make the National Assembly more representative of the reality of Quebec, more respectful of the choices of citizens, particularly in our region. »

Remember that Minister Caire had promised to resign if the CAQ reneged on its promise to build a third link between Lévis and Quebec. “If there is a setback from the CAQ, I resign,” he swore in 2018.

This week, he assured that he had no intention of leaving his post. He will instead go to meet his constituents to sell them the new public transport tunnel project, he said.

Transport Minister Geneviève Guilbault was also ignored by the PCQ, because it is she who is piloting the new version of the third link planned by the CAQ, a tunnel dedicated to public transport.

“I hope you will choose your honor and your citizens. I sincerely hope that we will speak in the next few hours, ”concludes Mr. Duhaime in his letter.