Step and repeat banners are one of the most effective and versatile marketing tools. They come with highly distinctive designs and patterns. The step and repeat banners have a business name and brand image printed on them. Not only the brand name, but the business owners can also print the logo of the business. Some business owners go creative and print business names, contact information, and marketing message on these steps and repeat banners. 

The design and pattern elements of these banners are repeated constantly. The repetitive designing and layout elements will not only create brand engagement but also impact the vision of the customers. As the banners are made of vinyl, they will last for a long time. 

Here are the dos and don’ts of using step and repeat banners to promote your business at events. 

Do Use the Banners at Major Promotional Events

Step and repeat banners are the most creative on red carpet events. Large companies use these banners so that celebrities walk in front of them. This way they increase brand awareness. Remember that you don’t have to be super glamorous or luxurious in your business promotional events. But these banners are extremely effective at boosting the exposure of small businesses. As per Licentrer, increasing the visibility of your business is essential.

Do Customize the Banners

One of the best benefits of step and repeat banners is that they are highly customizable. The best and high-quality step and repeat banners are not only available in multiple sizes, but you can also choose from multiple customization options. Therefore, make sure you spend enough time deciding the border colors, font sizes, font styles, background layout, and background colors of the banners. Additionally, customize the banners as per the occasion. 

Do Use Banners to Promote Brand Engagement

To ensure the maximum ROI from the step and repeat banners, make sure you share them everywhere. As the banners are a one-time investment, generating higher ROI is essential. Use the same brand message, logo, and other design elements on the step and repeat banners as well as the social media platforms of your business. Use the banners as the backdrops for your promotional events. This way you can make the banner indistinguishable from your brand image. 

Don’t Use Extremely Bold Color Combination

The color combination you choose will determine the effectiveness and aesthetic beauty of the step and repeat banners. Therefore, make sure you avoid colors that are too bold or contrasting. Choose colors that will complement the core design elements. Additionally, don’t choose a black or white background. 

Don’t Neglect the White Space

Inappropriate use of the white space will decrease the attractiveness of your step and repeat banners. Not to mention, it will also make the layout unpleasant. Just because you have a bigger brand logo on your banner doesn’t mean you can generate a higher engagement rate. If you don’t use the white space properly, the design will look messy and people will avoid taking pictures with your banners. 

Don’t Use Too Many Design Factors

Many people think that designing the banners heavily will help them to capture the attention of guests quickly. However, the results of too many design elements are opposite of the expectation. Using unnecessary colors or multiple design elements will make the banners look less professional. 


These are the dos and don’ts of using step and repeat banners at promotional events. Make sure you follow these steps while leveraging the benefits of step and repeat banners.