(Montreal) After that of the Port of Quebec, the Laurentian Bank and the Prime Minister of Canada, it is the turn of the Hydro-Quebec web page to be out of service. The website, targeted by a group of pro-Russian hackers, has been inaccessible since Thursday morning.

The Hydro-Quebec site was the target of hackers overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, confirms Philippe Archambault, media relations.

The “denial of service” cyberattack took place around 3 a.m., resulting in the closure of the website, the Customer Space (including Info-Panes) and the Hydro-Québec application. This type of attack occurs when several simultaneous requests from robots are made to overload a site to block access.

Pro-Russian hacker group NoName057(16) claimed responsibility for the cyberattack on social media.

“Our protection systems quickly detected the attack. Hydro-Quebec’s critical systems were not impacted,” said Mr. Archambault. There was no data infiltration or exfiltration, he adds.

“No personal data was compromised. »

The teams are busy putting the websites back online. The company has approximately 300 employees assigned to cybersecurity.