The number of corporate insolvencies in Berlin remained comparatively low last year, mainly due to the Corona aid measures. 1242 procedures were registered in 2021, as the Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics Office announced on Friday. That was only nine cases or 0.7 percent more than in the first year of the Corona crisis in 2020. Almost 830 cases were opened by the district court. The remaining cases were dismissed because the debtors’ assets were insufficient to cover the costs of the proceedings.

The volume, on the other hand, has increased significantly. The creditors demanded a total of around 877.2 million euros from the over-indebted companies. According to the statistics office, that was around a third more than in the previous year. According to the statisticians, the areas of trade, maintenance and car workshops were hardest hit with 190 bankruptcies. The construction and hospitality industries followed, each with 171 cases.