(Los Angeles) An American teenager who shot two staff members at his school on Wednesday is actively sought by the police after fleeing.

The student drew a weapon during a search at the entrance to his East High School in Denver, Colorado (west), in the early morning.

Responding to an emergency call, police and paramedics “rapidly arrived on the scene and discovered two adult males with gunshot wounds,” Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas said.

The two injured, one seriously, were taken to hospital.

The suspect was searched every morning when he arrived at high school, detailed Ron Thomas, explaining that this type of procedure was generally put in place in the event of grounds for concern related to previous behavior.

The student, whose name has not been made public, “is a young African-American wearing an afro and a hoodie with an astronaut on it”, and is considered “armed and dangerous”, put in guards the city’s mayor, Michael Hancock.

Classes have been canceled for the rest of the week and armed police will be stationed at the high school until the end of the school year, Denver Public Schools Officer Alex Marrero said.

According to the local daily The Denver Post, the city’s school board decided in 2020 to withdraw the police officers guarding the establishments, in the context of the large anti-racism demonstrations after the murder of the African American George Floyd by a white policeman.

The presence of the agents was detrimental to the pupils of color, had argued the elected officials of the council.

Gun tragedies are endemic in the United States, where politicians fail to agree on tougher regulation despite broad public support.