(Montreal) Lack of effort to ensure the protection of endangered species, insufficient monitoring of measures intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and significant delay in the federal program intended to plant 2 billion trees by 2030. These are the main findings of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development who has just unveiled five key reports that severely criticize Ottawa.

The Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Jerry DeMarco, unveiled five reports on Thursday that take stock of important issues affecting the climate crisis and the decline of biodiversity in the country.

The reports address the following issues:

If the federal government has made some good moves, in particular to reduce GHG emissions, the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development severely criticizes Ottawa with regard to endangered species in the country.

For example, of the 257 action plans required for the recovery of species at risk, 146 have not yet been produced. In addition, no progress has been made for nearly half of the species listed on the Species at Risk Registry.

One of the flagship promises of the Trudeau government, the planting of 2 billion trees by 2030, is not experiencing the expected start. Ottawa “greatly missed its goal for the second year,” notes the commissioner. The report also notes the lack of a monitoring mechanism for its planting program.

More details to come.