Cheaper than gasoline, masks and bread:

Today, many are forced to reconsider their spending to meet the budget. To help Novosibirsk motorists to save on such costs as fuel, the petrol stations network “GASOIL” reduced the price of LPG at all its gas stations of Novosibirsk.

Now to fill up with gas from 14 cents per liter, which is almost three times cheaper than gasoline, so many should think about upgrading your car for a more economical fuel.

this is easily seen by example. If the car mileage is 100 km/day, the consumption of gasoline will amount to 9.5 liters. A year is a 3 467,5 liters, which even with a minimal price of gasoline (41 rubles) cost 167,5 142 of the ruble.

With gas cheaper at times. A day of 100 miles will require 11 liters, that is 4 015 liters per year. But the fuel is much cheaper than gasoline. Even if you take the old price for a gallon of gas (20 rubles), the cost will be 80 to 300 rubles. And given the reduced prices “GASOIL” the cost will be even less: 56 210 rubles.