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Thursday, February 20, 2020
Germany's doctors want to be able to prescription-only medicines to their patients. This could be used "the resources better, especially in the country", - said the Chairman of the German family doctors ' Association, Ulrich...
to Pay to enter the city with your car, this is what is happening in the bill on transport, according to the explanation of François de Rugy, the minister of the ecological Transition, on BFM TV. The...
Vom kleinen Hafen in Framura sind wir mit dem Rad bergauf gestrampelt, über steile Anstiege und enge Serpentinen, durch Tunnel aus Oleander und Bougainvilleas und mitten durch grüne Weinberge. Immer weiter hinauf, bis wir Costa erreicht haben,...
Show me your neighbours and I will tell you how healthy you are. And also, how old you'll probably be. Sounds weird? In fact, this principle prevails today in many parts of Germany: There are huge inequalities...
The eye of hurricane Michael arrived on Wednesday, October 10, in the middle of the day, on the north-west coast of Florida, on the threshold of the category maximum of 5 with winds on average of 250...
His threats he uttered in Arabic. The hostage-taker from Cologne Central station, left no doubt as to his intentions. Apparently, he wanted to put a beacon. First of all, the man, whose identity the police did not...


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Could the White army to win the Civil war

Could the White army to win the Civil war

The genre of historical alternatives was not born in the last decade, but much earlier. The loser in any conflict, then was taken to analyze the mistakes, the reasons for their failures and to find ways that would lead to victory. This was highlighted in the white emigration after the civil war in Russia. The assumption of such alternatives was not alien and early Soviet historiography, while it has not yet become a public myth-making.