Pastor sets up a bonfire to celebrate ‘witchcraft books’ like ‘Twilight.

Tennessee Pastor Greg Locke stated that the church has a "constitutional and a Biblical right to burn "occultic material" such as the "Harry Potter",...

Is It Legit to Pay Someone for Writing Academic Papers?

When a person goes shopping, he or she knows that it is absolutely legal to buy things in supermarkets and stores. There could be...

How to Plan a Career in Education

Regardless of what it is that you would like to do for the rest of your working life, you need a good plan, and...

How has the study of computers changed throughout the years?

Computers have been around for a relatively short time, compared with the study of computers. However, the roots of computer studies can be traced...

Fairfax County parents demand resignation of the school board after they ‘double down’ on...

Parents displayed posters of school board members bearing the caption, "Resign FairfaXXXX" FALLS CHURCH (VA) - Parents protested the Fairfax County School Board meeting Thursday. They were...

Search resumes to find 2 cars that were lost in a storm

Residents and businesses throughout New Jersey spent the holiday weekend cleaning up the damage caused by last week's storm. Rescue workers resumed their search...

Chicago Public Schools eliminate sex-specific bathrooms to “increase gender equality”

On Wednesday, the gender neutral requirement was in effect. Chicago Public Schools (CPS), requires all schools in the district adopt new signage to gender-neutralize restrooms. CPS calls...

Liberia : an NGO recognizes rape on girls it s'was

More Than Me is an association meant to help young girls escape a life of sexual exploitation in Liberia. The american NGO...

Crime in health care: How health insurance companies when fraud in the care watch

to be needy, The money for care just. This year alone, funds were lacking for the care of about three billion Euro,...


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