On Wednesday, the gender neutral requirement was in effect.

Chicago Public Schools (CPS), requires all schools in the district adopt new signage to gender-neutralize restrooms.

CPS calls the initiative a “big leap forward in gender equity” and requires schools to use language other than restrooms to inform students that they can use the toilet that is compatible with their gender identity.

CPS tweeted that they would require all schools to have new signs to make their restrooms more inclusive. This is a major step forward in gender equity for students and staff.

The move not only impacts school children but also the staff. “All CPS students and staff will have fair and equitable access to bathroom facilities that align with their gender identity,” CPS Title IX Officer Camie Pratt said of the change in a video shared to social media.

Pratt stated that the signs will make it “clear that all toilets are available for anyone who feels comfortable”. Pratt also said that the move was a way to increase gender equality for all.

A sign that will be displayed in schools would read: “This is an gender-neutral bathroom with multiple stalls.” This restroom is available to all gender identities and expressions.

Pratt stated that the CPS Office of Student Protections (TPS) is currently “working on a long term plan” to make the signage permanent.

Fox News tried to reach the Office of Student Protections for Chicago Public Schools, but was not able to get an immediate reply.