The market for Car insurance policies is confusing. To find the best contract, it is therefore often difficult. But the comparison is worth, a study shows, in the order of the Verti Versicherungs AG. Several hundred dollars can save customers accordingly, in the year.

For the study, were compared to the offer for ten different patterns to customers in 20 regions of Germany. The difference in price between the cheapest and the most expensive policy of all the studied patterns of customers and areas of 2448 Euro. On average, the difference is located at 1311 Euro.

In Berlin, the average Savings is greatest

you look at the savings potential in the individual regions, there are in Berlin, 1629 euros, the largest price differences between the Offers of the Car insurance companies. On place two and three in Munich (1478 Euro) and Cologne (1475 euros). Even in Wittenberge, which occupies the last place, is the price range still be 1092 euros.


The study also shows that the same patterns customers have to pay the city more for their Car insurance than in the country. But there are also cheaper cities such as Hannover and animal, while policies are in the rural regions of Freising and Ravensburg is comparatively expensive. Car insurance online Find compare here the cheapest rate

Just for residents of the German capital may be worth the comparison: In Berlin, the average of the realistic savings potential is 626 euros at the largest. Wittenberge occupies the last place: at Least 426 euros are here in this section.

the conclusion of the study:

to provide clients with specific risk-save situation, about all patterns of customers and geographies, if you compare the different Car insurers. Online comparison portals can give you a good Overview of the different policies.

the potential savings in Munich

Prof. Dr. Thomas Köhne

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