This is a Texas Tech University press release:

Texas Tech University today announced (Jan. 28,) that it will continue its test-optional policy, which was established in 2020. Prospective students are not required to submit ACT or SAT scores as part of the admissions process.

Students have the option of applying for admission without submitting SAT or ACT scores. Students will be asked to share their plans for submitting or considering SAT/ACT scores as part of their application. Students who choose this option will see their applications and any supplemental information in a holistic way.

No matter what testing plan students have, they are encouraged to submit any additional materials that best showcase their talents, skills, and potential contributions to Texas Tech. These materials can include essays, letters of recommendation, resumes, and scores on AP tests.

Jamie Hansard, vice-president of enrollment management, stated that universities are increasingly reviewing their test policies. “We know that scores don’t always indicate a student’s academic readiness or potential.” “At Texas Tech we aim to provide access to all students regardless of their backgrounds or experiences. We are happy to continue this evaluation through 2025.”

Any applicant who doesn’t wish to share their test scores is eligible for the test-optional policy. No matter what test score students submit, they will still be eligible for scholarships if submitted before the deadline.