Series A, Dries Mertens, and co. revolteren to their own, Naples-president, Aurelio De Laurentiis, that is, that a boycott may not even be good enough for you. The eccentric film maker spins yarn for the controversy, and has a...
According to Oleg Smyslov, author of "Traitors and murderers of 1941-1945", the Chairman of the Military colleagues of the Supreme court was never distracted by the procedural niceties. Vasily Ulrich had handed down death sentences for 20 minutes. Despite the fact that abuse Ulrich was dismissed, no serious consequences for him, this fact had not.
UPDATE the US House of Representatives has decided to take the impeachmentonderzoek against the president when He is open to throw it, so that millions of Americans are able to judge whether or not He have power and have...
In the genre of alternative history is a popular theme of the missed opportunity of the Wehrmacht in the Second world war. However, the red army was not less, if not more missed opportunities, which, whether they are used considerably closer to win.
YouTubers Michelle Granzier (20), and It Sweep (21), which, in America, have been detained since the military base, Area 51, enter in, are the future of the court. They have been indicted for knowingly entering a restricted area, in...
During the great Patriotic war injured more than 150 Soviet museums, libraries and archives, which has irretrievably lost more than 1 million units. However, most cultural values have been able to save.
In principle, we already used that such of our neighbours as Estonia or Japan, no-no, and will say once again about its territorial claims to our country. But the claims to the Russian land from South Korea – a state that is not Russia nor land nor sea borders, we know less.


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