Bobruisk boiler: how the Red Army destroyed the favorite part of Hitler

History 30/01/20 Bobruisk boiler: how the Red Army destroyed the favorite part of Hitler

the First visit of Adolf Hitler to the occupied territory of the USSR during the Second world war was the trip to Brest. Recall that the fortress was stormed the whole week (for the official records of the Nazis) 45th infantry division of the Wehrmacht. The Fuhrer was allocated this connection, the army group “Center” and favored him, because the division at the time, was formed of his fellow-Austrians.

“Nothing suffered heavy losses”

at the beginning of the great Patriotic war the 45th infantry division of the Wehrmacht, composed of the 4th Austrian infantry division has existed for three years. The Brest-Litovsk operation of 1941 was her first serious military challenge. According to the report of division commander Fritz Sliper, Brest fortress, the Austrians attacked on 22 and 29 June (according to Soviet historians, the resistance of certain groups of defenders of the citadel lasted about a month) and during that time it lost in killed and wounded over a thousand soldiers and officers.

the Chief of staff of the land forces of the Wehrmacht Franz Halder in his diary called the excessive loss. Was assigned to investigate the accident.

a few months later, after participating in the attack on Moscow, 45th infantry division suffered another great loss in Yelets offensive operation. The Union also participated in the battle of Kursk. Fighting in the area of the river Berezina in 1943-1944 proved fatal for him – by the beginning of summer the red army, and Hitler’s division is almost entirely defeated.

Bobruisk boiler

according to the candidate of historical Sciences Igor Melnikov, commander of army group “Center” General field Marshal Ernst Busch in early June 1944 in the capital of Belarus said to the commanders of divisions of the Wehrmacht that Hitler insisted on holding the position of “within seven years”. The front of army group “Center” was highly raisingchickpeas, and the Nazi leadership seriously feared that, in the case of the Soviet offensive defense will not hold. Hitler offered two fallback plan, but he rejected both. In his opinion, four Belarusian towns, including Bobruisk (the führer also called Mogilev, Orsha and Vitebsk), was supposed to be impregnable fortresses.

45th infantry division, which consisted of three Grenadier regiments, were located in the area of Bobruisk. The total number of its infantry units was about 5 thousand infantry, half of which were reservists. At the beginning of June 1944, on the line of division began the offensive of the Soviet troops. At the end of the month the command of the 9th army of the Wehrmacht took the decision to merge is located in the district of Bobruisk three divisions of the Wehrmacht, including the 45th, in a group called “Hofmeister”.

nevertheless, from 25 to 27 June, the Soviet troops, quickly reflecting the counterattack of the 45th division, had forced her to retreat. In the vicinity of the village Zarechye (19 km from Bobruisk) was completely destroyed 130th regiment of the 45th division. The death of the 133 regiment described German historian Alex Buchner: the Germans tried to break through towards the Berezina, was surrounded and largely destroyed, the surviving Marines surrendered.

written off

According to the historian Igor Melnikov, about 2,5 thousand soldiers of the 45th division by the end of June, 1944, has been part of other Nazi connections of group of armies “Centre” to break through to Bobruisk. Hitler ordered to hold the city at any cost, but, judging by the reports of the command of “Center” in Berlin these forces to the Supreme command was no longer combat value, even in the event of a breakthrough. Surrounded by the Germans were short of ammunition and food, among them there were about 5 thousand wounded.

Trying to break out of encirclement, units of the 45th division took its last battle near the town of Svisloch. There 9 July, together with several soldiers had captured the commander of the division major General Joachim Engel. The order of a thousand infantryatinav still managed to get out of the environment and subsequently fought in other parts of the 45th division from July 1944 as a military unit of the Wehrmacht no longer existed. Joachim Engel died in secular captivity. According to one, from heart failure, others committed suicide.

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