Movie rooms are a place to relax and recover from work stress. We often visit the cinema to feel free, have fun, and loosen up. The theatre room is a fun zone, and for this reason, high attention to detail is required.

Wall arts add an immeasurable amount of light, fun, and attention to your theater room. Upgrade your movie room to a professional standard by implementing the use of wall arts for decoration. Browse our extensive catalog of wall arts and order at Elephantstock.

This article will act as a smooth guide for the time you decide to finally give your movie room the upgrade it deserves.

Wall Decorations For The Movie Room

It is highly unadvisable to leave the wall in your theater room bland. There is a certain feeling every theater room should convey. Set the mood for a night in with the family by using stylish prints that showcases a high taste in style and creativity.

Shapes Of The Wall Art

This is a very important step; it perhaps should be the first step in your process of decoration. To choose the proper piece of wall art, the shape should always be the first thing to consider.

  • The classic canvas: The single panel rectangle or single panel square

If you intend to save space on your wall for other forms of decoration, then you should go with;

  • The single panel vertical canvas or the single panel panoramic canvas.

For a more contemporary look, you should go with;

  • The triptych tri-panel canvas or the symmetrical five-panel canvas

If you intend to make a statement with your decoration, you should move with the;

  • Split two-piece canvas or the four-panel wave canvas

If you are trying to be eccentric, you should try the;

  • 7 piece hexagonal canvas set

Ensure to leave enough space between the edges of the wall and the canvas print; afoot at the least from where the wall ends. Avoid hanging your wall art too close to the edge of the wall, this makes a space appeared rowdy and disarranged.

Your interior should feel homey and warm, avoid disturbing or unsettling layouts. Take advantage of the beauty and creativity wall arts do bring, and make your theater room an epic place to relax and have a wonderful time.

Sizes Of Wall Arts


It is important to select the right canvas for your gaming room; these ideas will act as a guide for you when that stage reaches.


Your wall art should occupy about 75% of the available wall space. Measure the height and width of the wall; multiply the measurements by 0.6 and 0.75 respectively. The result will reveal the range of canvas print sizes set to suit the room.


If you intend to hang your wall art over a fireplace or a bed, or maybe even a couch, the measurements should be between 2/3 and 3/4.

It is somewhat popular for homeowners to discard the use of large wall arts. Out of fear that wall arts of bigger sizes will overwhelm, most amateur home designers choose to go with smaller prints. Try to maintain a balance by choosing a well-proportioned piece of large wall art; it gives the space an immediate transformation.

The Style

For a theater room, most homeowners will generally prefer vibrant and attention-calling wall art. There is a vast catalog of wall arts to choose from.

For a contemporary outlook, take advantage of a minimalist print. Classic arts or wall arts based on popular performances are best for a traditional outlook.