Bandera and Melnyk against: why are Ukrainian nationalists were killing each other

History 14/01/20 Bandera and Melnyk against: why are Ukrainian nationalists were killing each other

on the Eve of the German attack on the Soviet Union in the environment of the Ukrainian national movement there were two warring camps. The first group of old immigrants and fighters for independence were supported by Andrew Miller. The second camp was represented by aggressive young nationalists who have experience in the underground struggle against Poland and support its leader – Stepan Bandera.
“Melnyk” believed that in the future struggle of the OUN* must rely on Germany, and “Bandera” assured that Ukraine’s independence is necessary to achieve on their own and choose the ally should be based on the actual political situation. The confrontation between the OUN (m) and the OUN (b)* turned into a real underground war, and Smalley to stop her, only the German intelligence agencies.


After the murder of agents of the NKVD of the OUN leader* Eugene Konovalets in 1938, his successor in the narrow meeting of the leaders of the organization chosen by Andrew Miller. In 1939 from the Polish prison out Stepan Bandera, which calls on nationalists to regroup for future fighting against Bolshevism. Between the two leaders have differences, caused by the fact that Miller did not support the idea of Bender to organize on the territory of Ukraine, the armed underground. He insisted that the main task is to input a large number of members of the OUN* the future Generalgouvernement.

In fact, it was a protest of the militant “new” in the form of Bender and politically savvy of the “old” in the face of Miller. According to the characteristic of anverovna Erwin Stolze, Bandera was “ambitious, a fanatic and a bandit.” Bandera and his associates, looking for a reason, has accused members of the Krakow underground and the allies of the Miller – Baranovsky, Sushko, Gribivsky in cooperation with the Polish intelligence.

From the leader of the OUN,* demanded to punish the traitors, but he refused. Bandera accused is a great opener!the spacecraft in support of provocateurs, procrastination and indecision. Miller, in response, kicked Bandera and his closest associates Stetsko and Ardent from the OUN*. “Youth” he was accused of moral corruption, lust for money and introduction to the organization of the criminal elements.

Miller Subsequently recruited by the nickname “Consul” in 1938 became a puppet of the Gestapo, and Bender and his entire organization came under the influence of the Abwehr. In fact, the confrontation followed the rule of the nationalist emigration and receiving German subsidies. However, this did not prevent the nationalists to kill each other not only in the Carpathian forests, but also on the streets of Ukrainian and European cities.


After the war, one of the members of the OUN* Ivan Bisig recalled that according to him only until June 1941, the “Banderites” have killed up to 400 active members from opposing camps. “Melnyk” did not remain in debt, and killed at least two hundred enemies. In General, from the hands of their own killed more than 4 thousand ordinary soldiers and supporters of the Ukrainian national idea of the people.

In the camp of “Bandera” for violence against “Melnyk” replied Nicholas Swan, who chose victims and planned action. At his direction, were eliminated prominent Ukrainian nationalist Roman Sushko, Yaroslav Baranovsky and many others. Among the “Melnyk” the struggle was headed by Yaroslav Gayvas who planned the destruction of Bandera and his associates of the Swan, the old Woman, Gabrusevich. While the terrorist attack was planned to be blamed on the poles and the NKVD, and to carry out the action planned in the spring of 1941. The result of the division formed the RP (revolutionary wire) of the OUN under the leadership of Stephan Bender.

Before the attack on the USSR, the Germans tried to reconcile the parties for their more effective use in a future war. Head of the Abwehr Berlin district Erwin Stolz in may 1945 on the interrogation said that in an attempt to unite enemies, in the summer of 1940 was found by Bender and Miller. Competitors aboutwas vinali each other in indecision and careerism, and he also proved his superiority, but promised to try. But after talking Stolz concluded that the world will not.

German intelligence and Ukrainian nationalists

With the war against SSSSR followers of Bandera began active operations on the territory of Ukraine and has attracted most of the local nationalists, in fact, removing Miller from the leadership.

“Melnyk” was pursued and destroyed, which further aggravated the situation and demanded intervention by the German curators. 30 Aug “Bandera” in the center of Zhitomir shot of members of the occupation administration Omelyana Senik and Nicholas Scyborsky.

Scyborsky was the author of the Pro-Nazi Constitution, and Senik predicted as the future Prime Minister of the puppet Ukraine. Both were close associates of Miller and was listed in good standing with the intelligence chief of the Reich Admiral Canaris.

After this rash action, Canaris orders to cease support and to arrest Bandera under the pretext of organising the Declaration of independence of Ukraine in Lviv and trying to steal provided by the Abwehr money. The head of Ukrainian nationalists put Miller, but after a few years arrested and sent to a camp. Both leaders and hundreds of nationalists liberated in September 1944. With their help, the Germans hoped to stall the advance of the red Army.

*-an organization banned in Russia

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