As the security service of Hitler provoked the arrest of Tukhachevsky

History 14/02/20 As the security service of Hitler provoked the arrest of Tukhachevsky

In 1936 (according to other sources – in early 1937) double agent (NKVD and SD) of white guard General N. In. The skoblin was handed to the chief SD, R. Heydrich the information that among the Soviet military elite allegedly a plot against Stalin. At the head of the conspiracy is the Marshal, mn. Tukhachevsky. SD leaked the information by adding information about relationships, Tukhachevsky and the other alleged conspirators with the leadership of the Wehrmacht. President of the Czechoslovak Republic, Edvard beneš, who had good personal relations with Soviet leaders, reported to Moscow to get him information on the conspiracy.

the Extracted materials were the basis of the indictment of the Special presence of the Supreme court of the USSR of June 9, 1937, the sentence of which two days later was shot nine Soviet military leaders at the highest level. The “Tukhachevsky” was the trigger for the deployment of large-scale repressions against the command personnel of the red army.

According to one version, received from the DM information was specially fabricated Nazi secret service to remove the military leadership of the USSR’s most talented individuals. On the other, a conspiracy really existed.

do not understand the role Skoblina. The Soviet security services did not need to convey some information to the Germans, she then returned back, and then, based on this returned information, to punish commanders. The NKVD was able to compose the matter without resorting to such difficulties. Is that the case was not initiated by the leadership of the NKVD, and a certain group within it, which actually worked Skoblin, and this group wanted the elimination of Tukhachevsky and many of his colleagues. At the same time, if the Nazis were preparing a provocation aimed to destabilize the Soviet elite, then it was not necessary to wait for some reports from Skoblina. They would be ableand arrange the misinformation themselves. In short, the whole version of events is based on obtaining by the Germans of any information from Skoblina, already shaky in its very Foundation and not credible.

However, this does not mean as the folder with the incriminating documents, delivered to Stalin and most of the conspiracy did not exist. Apart from the fact that in the Soviet elite were always behind the scenes struggle for power, by the end of 1930-ies encountered two views on the Soviet role in the impending Second world war. Stalin, due to overt anti-communism of Hitler, Germany was considered the main enemy and took the steps to rapprochement with the West (especially France and USA). At the same time, there is evidence that Tukhachevsky believed the war with Germany is disastrous for the Soviet Union.

At the same time, military circles in Germany there was resistance to the policy of Hitler, aimed at unleashing a new war. However, it was not unity. One part opposed war believed that we need to create together with the Western powers unified anti-Communist bloc. The other thing to rapprochement with the USSR, together to achieve the West review the results of the First world war. This second group, followed by Bismarck, considered disastrous for Germany the war with Russia.

the Personal composition of the first group installs easily (at least partially), but who is included in the second group guessed easily. Theoretically, she could have a connection with the part of the Soviet marshals. Those and others could cook double conspiracy against their dictators in order to avoid a new war between Germany and Russia is beneficial only to the West. However, without providing specific names to insist on the accuracy of this version difficult. Tukhachevsky had connections with some of the officers of the Wehrmacht on the lines of military cooperation between the USSR and Germany in 1922-1933 years But this fact is insufficient to assert that the presence of some joint conspiracy. None of the studied in the USSR in those years the German officers of the elite of the Wehrmacht was not.

In 1938 Hitler was inspired by the resignation of three top leaders of the German armed forces: the chief of the General staff Ludwig Beck, chief of the army Werner von Fritsch, and Minister of defence Werner von Blomberg. Subsequently, only Beck had tried to cobble together some kind of conspiracy against Hitler. Fritsch was killed in action in 1939, and the patient Blomberg moved away from any cases. While Beck was not seen in any statements about the disastrous for Germany’s war with the Soviet Union. He had a decidedly Pro-Western orientation. The participants also all known military conspiracies against Hitler planned to conclude an anti-Soviet Alliance with the West.

As you can see, the resignation of top military leaders of Germany could not be associated with the alleged double Soviet-German conspiracy. As a result, this version put forward by the authors of some popular books, there is no reason.

Curiously, attributed to members of the alleged conspiracy political course Hitler and Stalin have started to implement in August 1939. However, he could not stand the test of time.

you Can certainly construct scenarios of alternative history in which the army conspirators in Moscow and Berlin clean of dictators who are in power, dismantle the totalitarian regimes and conclude the Alliance between the USSR and Germany. This Union is strong because the ideological orientation already do not prevail over the leaders of both countries. The second world war is not happening, and tens of millions of people on Earth left alive… But still no positive evidence that such an alternative did exist, the setting of the late 1930-ies. Dreams of the lost bright past, as a rule, have nothing to do with the real story.

Yaroslav Butakov

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