As rice and Hairdryer kill smartphones

Summer is the season of fresh fruits, camping and… buy a new smartphone after the swim. So say the specialists of service centers. After all, the beginning of the “bathing” season here queues of those wishing to save gadget which have tried all the “traditional methods” of healing.

Why you should not dry the phone in rice and how to avoid buying a new expensive device, read our article. Spoiler: the tips at the end.

Alexander, client Hello! Service: “in may I dropped my phone in the Ob, when photographed. But quickly got home and a Hairdryer dry overnight in a bag of rice… it worked! But in July, the phone started to fail, came in here and told me a few weeks and everything would have had to buy new”.

Oleg, Manager Hello! Service: “the fact is that hair dryers, vacuum cleaners and rice, you may dry on top of the device, but moisture and condensation from the inside not clean. Accordingly, the device will irreversible processes, and through time it will break down completely. Therefore, it is important to consult specialists, even if the phone earned”.

Hello! Service conduct high-quality prevention to eliminate the effect of moisture using ultrasonics. If the liquid has not got on the vital components, electronic friend will return to you after 30 minutes. The cost of the procedure — from 300 rubles.