As in the Soviet Union punished the wives of the traitor Vlasov

History 12/01/20 in the USSR punished wives of the traitor Vlasov

When it comes to the traitors of the great Patriotic war, as a rule, first comes to mind is General Andrei Vlasov. Winner of order of Lenin and two orders of the red banner who had distinguished themselves in the Battle for Moscow, then moved to the side of the enemy, and even began to lead established in the Third Reich the Russian liberation army (ROA – an organization banned in Russia). The unit was exactly of the same defectors and, worst of all, had to fight against the Russian people. It was enough that the name Vlasov became a household word.

However, after decades on the actions of the Vlasov – capture and collaboration with Hitler – there was another look. There was a version that the General really was a man cooperating with the investigation, sent specifically to kill the Fuhrer, but failed the mission. The proponents of this theory point out that the ROA engaged in battle only in April 1945, when the outcome of the war was, in fact, a foregone conclusion. And some researchers, in support of his speculation indicate that the Vlasov family in the postwar period reacted much softer than was customary with his family “enemies of the people”.

Although at first it should be noted that as such, families in General were few. Was in his life and the official wife, and frontline, and ordinary mistress. All his adventures are described in detail in the book “Vlasov. The two faces of General” by Nikolai Konyaev.

Triple treason

With the first wife, Anna (maiden name Voronina) – Vlasov were married in 1926. Probably, a good marriage can be called a stretch, because ten years later, the General got himself a girlfriend – Uliana a Osadchaya. As a result of this affair his daughter was born. Interestingly, the military was able to avoid a big scandal and divorce (in Soviet time). The only thing that backfired for him cheating – CMENoah locations.

In 1941, Anna went to the evacuation, and the General got to the front, together with the second, now common-law wife Agnes Podlasenko, who was a doctor. However, they stayed together for long. In January 1942, she was discharged from the army for pregnancy. A little later she has a boy who will be named in honor of father Andrew.

However, Vlasov was briefly alone. Podlasenko he replaced chef Maria Voronova. With him she was captured after the encirclement of the 2nd Shock army, with it he experienced many hardships, until he met his last “wife” – German Adele Bielenberg (Heidi von Bilenberg). New passion was the widow of an SS officer and the chief recreation of the returning German soldiers. Vlasov celebrated her own wedding in the spring of 1945 in carlsbad.

For the sins of others

whatever it was, the last moments of life of the General-the traitor has placed his priorities. Filling the questionnaire of the arrested, in the column of marital status Vlasov wrote: wife — Anna M. Vlasov, nee Voronin. Whether because she was first, or because the most expensive. Maybe just because of the fact that with the first wife he had the longest and official relations of all.

Anna Vlasov for treason of her husband, and along with correspondence with the traitor, spent five years in the Nizhny Novgorod prison. After the release from prison she lived in the town of Balakhna in Nizhny Novgorod region and was rehabilitated in 1992.

the First front-line wife Agnes Podlasenko that even in the documents indicated that she allegedly is the wife of the Vlasov was arrested and by the decision of the Special Assembly and received five years in prison as the accomplice of a traitor. She then lived and worked as a doctor in Brest. He was rehabilitated in 1989. In the clinic, Agnes p. was working until 1991, after which he retired. Died in 1997, she was buried at the city cemetery in the city of Brest.

Andrew, the son of Vlasov and Podlasenko lives and works in Samara. He graduated from Saratov state University, after which he received the degree of doctor of science. In 1971, the General’s son went to work in Kuibyshev (now Samara) state University) where even he held senior positions, including assistant of the rector and Secretary of the Communist party Committee of the Kuibyshev University. Since 1991 worked in the Samara Institute of business and management.

Andrew has two daughters. One granddaughter of the General now lives in France, another was one of the leaders of the State television of Samara.

Another mistress-front wife Maria Voronova also spent several years for his “friendship with the traitor.” More of all were lucky the German Adele Bielenberg. After the war she remained unharmed and, according to the memoirs of the leader of the anti-Soviet emigration of Sergei Frohlich even claimed to be the General’s retirement. She, of course, was denied, because Vlasov – General of the German Wehrmacht. In addition, the tragedy of the last wife of a traitor was the fact that she had no money, which left her Vlasov – they took away her his friends, assuring that the funds needed to help him.

The Vlasov on charges of high treason condemned in 1946. Was stripped of his military rank and awards, and then hung up.

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