Apple Yesterday introduced Apple’s three new iphone for the. With the new iPhone, 11, iPhone 11, Pro iPhone 11, Pro Max come up with a number of improvements, including a faster processor and an additional camera on the back. But how do they perform compared to, say, the flag-ships of rival Samsung? We put the specifications together.

It should be clear that the disclosure of the innovative generation of iPhonesheeft, no one is really surprised. At the time, competitors such as Samsung and Huawei will compete for the first 5G-capable smartphone, and plooitelefoon on the market, is Apple’s most innovative feature, with an extra camera up. The iPhone 11 will have a total of three cameras, whereas the more expensive iPhone, for 11, Pro and iPhone, for 11, Pro Max, each of the four cameras on board. Rich ” let’s see what we have in the competition, review for: Samsung introduced in February, though, the Samsung Galaxy S10 for a total of five cameras.

But that doesn’t mean that you have the new iphone, just like may be charged. In addition to the extra cameras, putting the Apple on the software that is the best picture to lead. So, thanks to the new night mode may be to have a clear photo in low light, and the selfiecamera to slofies” to make a decision: slow-motion selfievideo’s.