Anna Rubinstein: what became the secret wife of Stalin

History 25/01/20 Anna Rubinstein: what became the secret wife of Stalin

According to official data, Nadezhda Alliluyeva was the second and last wife of Joseph Stalin. However, a note addressed to Malenkov, which was published in the press in 2007, has given some historians the reason to change your mind. If you believe the author of the letter, second marriage leader concluded not Alliluyeva, and with a certain Anne Rubenstein.

the Postponement of marriage Alliluyeva

according to Alexander barmine, author of “Falcons of Trotsky”, Joseph Dzhugashvili became acquainted with Nadezhda Alliluyeva in 1917. Hope was the daughter of Sergei and Olga Alliluyevs, with whom fate brought Stalin on the basis of the revolutionary struggle. At that moment the Hope was barely 17, and a future leader were already about 40. But a significant difference in age was not a barrier for the outbreak between them of the novel. However, the mother of Hope, Olga was opposed to the marriage of his daughter with Koba.

However, Alliluyeva, Jr., nothing and did not want to listen. However, Stalin to arrange a marriage and was in no hurry. According to Sergei Arutyunov in the publication “Why go to the Registrar”, in December 1917 in the Soviet Russia there was a decree that the marriage age for men was 18 years, and for women 16. Thus Stalin had the opportunity to go with Hope to the Registrar immediately after meeting. However, young somehow set aside the registration. They were married in 1919.

Stalin’s secret daughter?

This fact Vadim Ilyin, the author of the book “Secrets of the death of great men,” says an indirect proof of the fact that until 1919 Stalin, who lost his first wife in 1907, was in a second marriage with a certain Anna Rubinstein. Under the assumptions of Ilyin, Dzhugashvili and Rubinstein lived together from 1912 to 1918. However, Rubinstein not only never claimed, but did not advertise their relationship with the leader. Onthis only became known thanks to his daughter Rubinstein, Regina Sveshnikova (nee Kostyukovskiy).

Some biographers (and including Matthew Grechko, the author of the book “Russian history in legends and myths”) call Regina Kostyukovskiy biological daughter of Joseph Stalin. However, such version is not true. At least the same Ilyin believes that Anna Rubinstein gave birth to Regina in marriage with a certain Selma Kostyukovskiy. Subsequently the family split up, and in 1917, Rubinstein met with Stalin in St. Petersburg, where the leader returned from exile. Then Regina was about 5 years old.

a Mysterious letter, and the investigation of the historian

and indeed Regina Sveshnikova called themselves Stalin’s daughter. In his note, Sveshnikova only mentioned that they are familiar with Joseph Stalin from an early age. The cryptic message, if you believe Boris Ilizarov, the author of the publication “Joseph Stalin in the masks and the masked man, the leader, the scientist”, Sveshnikova addressed to Georgy Malenkov. The letter was dated March 4, 1953. Regina, posing as the daughter of Anna Rubinstein and adding that the latter was “the former wife of comrade Stalin”, asked Malenkov to give her the opportunity to meet with the leader. Judging by the contents of the note, Sveshnikova, unlike many, was aware of the disease “father of the nation” and wanted to him about something to talk about, which is confirmed by the words: “I Have urgent business.”

However, the letter apparently went unanswered. Therefore, the “urgent business” remained a mystery. But the personality and biography of Anna Rubinstein gradually begin to make sense. Despite the fact that the letter Sveshnikova was published only in 2000-ies, historian Nicholas Dobruja have managed to know something about the second wife of Stalin. According to Dobruja, Rubinstein lived in a prestigious building on the Vasilievsky island (there once was Sergei Kirov). She had survived the siege of Leningrad and died, like Stalin, in the 1950-ies.

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