Alexander Shmona, as Soviet mechanic trained killing Gorbachev

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on 7 November 1990, during a parade in red square in Leningrad locksmith Alexander Shmona fired from a hunting rifle of Mikhail Gorbachev who stood on the mausoleum. The President of the USSR remained intact. The terrorist immediately overpowered. Shmonova declared insane and sent to a psychiatric hospital, from which he left after 4 years.

a native of the city of Leningrad, Alexander Shmona, was not a member of any major terrorist organization. He worked a simple mechanic for maintenance of ventilation systems at the Izhorsky machinery factory and lived with his wife and daughter in a Dorm. However, the love of Mikhail Gorbachev he didn’t really eat. Wrote the sociologist and publicist Alexander Zinoviev in his book “Catastroika. The revolution in Constantinople”, with the beginning of perestroika Shmona on politics. And most of the ills that befell the Russian people, the mechanic accused the party officials, including General Secretary CPSU Gorbachev.

the authors of the book “Boris Yeltsin: a political metamorphosis,” Vladimir Solovyov and Elena Klepikova, argue that the murder of the President of the Soviet Union Shmona was prepared more than one month. The gun, which is later Alexander made a spare, he purchased in 1987. A conspiracy of Shmona even got makeup, a wig and a fake mustache. Wormed his way into the column of demonstrators, the man got a coveted opportunity to get closer to the mausoleum, on the podium which was Gorbachev.

Once in front of the podium, the Shmona drew from under his coat a gun and took aim. However, the terrorist was prevented by a policeman, who at the last moment noticed the weapon and struck his hand on the trunk. The bullets passed over the head of Mikhail Gorbachev, and the shooter was immediately arrested.

writes journalist and biographer, fedop RA’zac in the book “Age of terror”, the investigation of the assassination of Mikhail Gorbachev’s lasted a year. All this time Alexander Shmona held in the detention center. In the end, the Moscow city court Shmona was declared insane and moved to a psychiatric hospital for further treatment. That’s just Sam Alexander continued and continues to assert that there are no signs of any mental disorders he had never watched myself.

as the primary evidence of his capacity Alexander Shmona leads, in particular, the fact that the gun he bought legally, that is, presented a resolution on the acquisition of weapons. According to Simonova, which is given in its brochure “How and why I shot the leader of a totalitarian state Mikhail Gorbachev”, in order to obtain permission, he gave to the police a certificate of his mental health. In addition, according to Alexander Shmona, two experts from the seven that were part of the Commission, found him completely healthy.

anyway, in November 1991 Shmona was in a psychiatric hospital. In the hospital he stayed until June 1995. Finally, physicians have provided Alexander Shmonov second group of disability.

when Alexander Shmona were in jail, from him, taking with him his daughter, left his wife. However Shmona did not lose heart. Almost immediately after discharge from the hospital, he got a job as a mechanic for the servicing of heating systems at the company “Nevo”, and then opened his own business, construction and repair firm. As acknowledged in the pages of the above mentioned brochure itself Shmona, then he earned much more than the average citizen of Russia.

do Not leave Alexander and attempts to become a Deputy. In the late nineties, he wanted to run for the state Duma, but the electoral Committee has rejected the overwhelming number of signatures submitted Semenovym. Having failed, the Shmona decided to become a human rights activist. Until recently, he had ashaft active assistance to those who suffered from the actions of psychiatrists.

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