(Edmonton) Alberta’s United Conservative Party government released its “climate plan” on Wednesday that it hopes will take the province to carbon neutrality by 2050 — but without offering many specifics, targets or new measures to achieve it.

The plan, which the government describes as “ambitious”, relies heavily on technologies such as carbon capture and sequestration. The plan outlines steps Alberta has taken in the past to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, but the new steps largely revolve around promises and studies.

Environment Minister Sonya Savage explained that her government could not just pick random targets with a random date and then promise to get there.

Alberta should consider lowering the cap on emissions from the oil sands industry, Minister Savage said, but if the industry can show it is doable and realistic. The use of more renewable fuels will also be considered.

A new Aboriginal and Youth Committee is also to be created in Alberta. The Minister also indicated that the government must take into account the impact of land use on the climate. Alberta has asked for proposals from consultants to go through the provincial economy sector by sector and analyze what is feasible, she said.

The plan does not contain intermediate GHG reduction targets, or spending and investment goals. Nor does it propose regulations or legislation to bring Alberta to carbon neutrality within 27 years.

Mrs. Savage argued that there was no point in having these instruments until the groundwork was completed. “The question is not whether you put the goals into law, but having realistic paths to get there and providing supportive policies,” she said.

The Minister acknowledges that the development of such a climate policy for Alberta is long overdue. “I wish this plan had come out two years ago. We know we have work to do. »