Admiral Kuznetsov: what feats in honor of him called the cruiser

Another 28/12/19 Admiral Kuznetsov: what feats in honor of him called the cruiser

in 2017 In connection with the situation in Syria, the media flashed the name of the Russian aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”. Bloggers and journalists practiced wit about accidents and breakdowns that took place on an aircraft carrier. However, the “Admiral Kuznetsov” with honor combat missions in the Mediterranean sea and returned safely Home. Currently, a warship is on modernization. While the old man, descended from the stocks in 1985, “brought to mind”, it’s time to think about who was the man whose name is on this carrier.

System Kuznetsov

His service, the future Admiral Nikolai Gerasimovich Kuznetsov began in 1919 as a sailor, going as a volunteer in the Red army. At the end of the military school was assigned to the black sea fleet. In 1933 Nikolai Kuznetsov gets command of a cruiser. After five years in the Navy became known “system Kuznetsov,” methods of military training, including work with the personnel, the training methods of warfare, shooting, honing discipline and a clear interaction of all departments and services on the ship. This technique has become common for military training of all vessels in all fleets of the Soviet Union. It was then, in the 30-ies, Nikolay Gerasimovich Kuznetsov came to the conclusion about the critical role of aviation in the modern Navy.

In 1939, the captain of the first rank Kuznetsov was appointed people’s Commissar of the Navy. He was then 34 years.

Before him stood the task is actually to revive the Russian Navy suffered heavy losses during the Russo-Japanese war.

He brilliantly coped with this task. Despite disagreements with the commander in chief Stalin, Kuznetsov has made the modernization of the fleet in accordance with their ideas and developments. First of all, the fleets were completed by the courts of RAliaison-class, not only the huge battleships and cruisers, as insisted by Stalin. Kuznetsov felt the need to start production including aircraft carriers. It was he who made the creation of coastal aviation, which later played an invaluable role in the exploration and support ships at sea. In addition, Nikolay Gerasimovich were of great importance to the training of qualified officers and seamen of the fleet. When it was revealed to a large number of educational institutions.

In 1940, Nikolay Kuznetsov was awarded the title of Admiral.

the Willingness No2

When the Great Patriotic war, the Soviet Navy, created Kuznetsov showed great fighting capacity.

As you know, ground troops and aviation of the USSR in the first days of the war suffered heavy losses. One reason for this was the Directive of the country’s leadership “not to succumb to provocations.” The army and all the people were told the idea that the war will begin soon, and that it will be fought not on Soviet territory. Therefore, on June 22, 1941 the troops were demoralized and deprived of the ability to conduct combat operations.

Everything except the Navy!

the Admiral Kuznetsov on 19 June the fleets of the Baltic, Barents and Black seas announced the combat readiness of No2. The personnel were forbidden shore leave, strengthened patrols and actionable intelligence. On June 22, a few hours before the attack, the fleets of the Western areas of the USSR were already in the highest state of readiness. As a result, in the first days of the war did not suffer any ship and any aircraft of the Navy of the USSR.

More than that. As you know, our troops began to retreat, and at times this retreat was like a rout. Meanwhile, warships in the Black sea attacked the port of Constanta (Romania), where he kept stocks of fuel and ammunition for the fascist courts. Aviation of the Baltic fleet in August 1941 bombed Berlin.

throughout the great Patriotic war and later the Russo-Japanese war, the Navy demonhave shown equally significant results and played a huge role in defeating the enemy.

the Admiral of fleet of Soviet Union

Nikolay Gerasimovich Kuznetsov, the actual Creator of the modern Navy of our country, has survived two opals. Under Stalin, he, like many military commanders, nearly ended up in the number of the repressed under Khrushchev suffered for failing to adapt to the opinion of the authorities. However, the armed forces of our country keep about him a grateful memory.

Admiral of the fleet Soviet Union Nikolai Kuznetsov had the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, was awarded four orders of Lenin, three orders of the red banner, two orders of Ushakov I degree, order of the red Star and badge of Honor, awarded nine medals, personalized weapons, and also six orders and medals of foreign powers.

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