6 more deaths from coronavirus: the youngest was 43 years

the day in Novosibirsk from the coronavirus 6 people died, 104 were infected COVID-19.

According to the operational headquarters, in the list of deceased men aged 43 and 62 years and women at the age of 57, 61, 61, and 81.

Only in the Novosibirsk region from the coronavirus has died 240 people. In the list of cases appear 9548 people.

on 30 July in Novosibirsk region from the coronavirus has died seven people — older patient was 99 years old.

Novosibirsk oblast leads in fatality from the coronavirus in Siberia and occupies the 4th place among the 15 cities. The percentage of deaths from the total number of cases in the Novosibirsk region is higher than in the whole country. Why is the medical columnist for NGS learned from experts. Many refused to speak on the subject. And those who agreed, believe that with the sensitivity of the tests and installation causes of death is something wrong.