5 facts about the owner of

On the death of billionaire Dmitry Bosova it became known tonight, may 6th. According to RBC, he killed himself. During the life of the Bosses was tightly associated with the Novosibirsk region — talk like.

According to some, his first capital of 5 million rubles Dmitry Bosov earned in 1991 on the resale of the two cars of mustard. I wrote about this for Forbes.

In 1993, he created together with fellow students Group “Alltek”, which in 2018 combined owned coal assets — “Siberian anthracite” and the “East Cut” in the Novosibirsk region and “Cut Kisatsky” in the neighboring Kemerovo region in the group “Sibantratsit”. According to some, he owns about 90% of the “Sibantratsita”.