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Friday, June 10, 2022
This week, Fleetwood Mac released the masterpiece album 'Rumours'. It was 45 years ago. The 1977 studio album is one the most beloved and celebrated compilations of pop music history. Tracks such as "Dreams", "The Chain" and "Go Your Own Way" continue...
AOC stated that capitalism is not the same as free markets. Progressive House Democrat Alexandria Ocasio Cortez stated this week that capitalism is not a "redeemable system" and that it is "pursuit for profit at all costs". "I believe that in a wide sense...
The State of Ohio has granted Scioto County a grant to construct a war memorial. During Thursday's County Commissioners meeting, Bryan Davis gave an update. He stated that the project was hit by numerous delays, including COVID-19-related problems. "Many veterans from our...
Authorities said that one victim of the gunshots died on the spot, while four others were taken to hospital. California authorities announced Thursday that the suspect in the alleged attack on Greyhound bus Wednesday night -- while naked -- was...
Brad Aldrich brought home the Stanley Cup to northern Michigan. It was big news in a town that prides itself on being the birthplace professional hockey. The Chicago Blackhawks' former assistant coach raised the championship trophy above dozens of students...
On Thursday, more than 200,000 homes lost power and businesses across the U.S. as snow and freezing rain weighed down trees and power lines. This was part of a winter storm which caused a tornado in Alabama and dumped...
Many are now looking for overseas health care workers as American hospitals face a severe shortage of nurses due to a crippling pandemic. It could happen just in the right moment. This year, there are twice the number of green cards...


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