Authorities said that one victim of the gunshots died on the spot, while four others were taken to hospital.

California authorities announced Thursday that the suspect in the alleged attack on Greyhound bus Wednesday night — while naked — was arrested.

On Wednesday night, Asahdi Elijah Colman, 21, was taken into custody by officials. He allegedly shot five people and killed at least one on a Greyhound bus that stopped at a station at around 7:30 PM PT.

Other victims include an 11 year old girl who is stable, a 25 year-old pregnant lady who is in critical conditions, a 38 year-old man with a minor injury who is in good health, and a 32 years-old man with multiple injuries who remains critical.

Coleman boarded the bus at Redding, Calif. and took a seat in front of it. He made or received a call to Sacramento once the bus had reached Sacramento, which “appeared agitate him,” Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea stated during a Thursday press conference.

Coleman started to speak to others on the bus, and seemed “paranoid”, that the bus was heading toward Los Angeles. He then showed other passengers a firearm.

Coleman is alleged to have fired the weapon after the bus reached Oroville.

Oroville officers arrived on the scene of the crime less than a minute after they received the initial reports of shootings on the bus. They were assisted by Butte County sheriff’s deputies who located the victims and offered treatment.

The suspect fled the scene and was eventually found by authorities at a Walmart located about half a block from the Oroville shooting location.

Honea stated that he was dressed in no clothing at that time and acting in an “erratic” manner. He also said that the investigation into the shooting remains active.

Coleman had a verbal argument with one Walmart customer. This led to a physical altercation between the boyfriend and customer. According to the sheriff, Coleman started to take off his clothes before police arrived.

The suspect was wanted by Alameda District Attorney Michael Ramsey for possessing a firearm from an unprohibited person.

Coleman’s firearm was recovered by deputies. Ramsey reports that 12 casings were found inside the bus by DOJ investigators.

Oroville lies about 69 miles north from Sacramento.