A 10-year-old boy with brain cancer swears in to 100 law enforcement agencies: “He isn’t letting it set me back.”


    Houston boy Devarjaye ‘D.J.’ Devarjaye ‘D.J.’ Houston boy has terminal brain and spinal cancer

    A 10-year-old boy realized his dream Monday when he was sworn in to his 100th law enforcement agent.

    Devarjaye “D.J.” Daniel, 10, is suffering from terminal brain and spinal cancers. According to the Houston Independent Schools District (HIDS), he met his goal to be sworn in to 100 law enforcement agencies to raise awareness about childhood cancer.
    “I knew he would get to 100 very quickly. I am familiar with the local community and the law enforcement agencies, such as the military. He is very much appreciated by everyone who came out to support him. “This is why he has to fight harder,” Theodis Dan, D.J. 
    FOX 26 Houston.
    Daniel, a single father with three children, said that his son knows the severity of his illness, but that he doesn’t let it stop him from doing what he wants.

    Texas Hog Enforcement employs Daniel to trap wild hogs, and other dangerous animals. FOX 26 reported that the company also rescues neglected animals.

    “No matter how difficult it is. Daniel said that no matter how difficult it is, you can push on and get through it. “I was telling the officers that a lot of things happened last week with law enforcement officers and morale was low. Then, a 10-year old walks in and everyone’s spirits lift.

    Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough, Texas officially recognized D.J. in a Monday proclamation recognizing D.J. 25 agencies, and his formal swearing in.

    D.J. D.J. I presented him with a proclamation to commemorate his accomplishment and recognize him as an honorary officers at the agencies that sworn him in.
    Keough stated that D.J. Keough stated that D.J.
    Abigail, a 7 year-old girl who succumbed to a rare form of cancer in November 2019, was made an honorary Freeport officer. D.J. D.J.

    “He is full of life and enthusiasm, and his spirit is so calming for everyone he meets. This morning, there was not a dry eye in this room. Keough stated that he officially reached his 100th birthday this morning and does not plan to slow down.”

    D.J. swearing is being sought by dozens of law enforcement agencies. FOX 26.