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With over twenty years of experience in the field of journalism, He is the ideal man to write for our site.
About the heroism of the Belarusian pioneer hero Marata Kazeya, especially in the Soviet years, a lot has been written. But his sister Ariadne is most often forgotten. Meanwhile they fought in the same partisan detachment. Then Ariadna Ivanovna lost both legs. On crutches, she stood at a chalkboard until the end of his life, at times hitting students with your statements.
Russian athlete, wrestler, world champion Ivan Poddubny was known not only for its athletic achievements, but also a steel will and indomitable character. These qualities enabled him not only to survive in difficult times, but not lose its good name, in spite of all difficulties.
The trend of increased nostalgia for the Soviet Union among Russians in recent years is becoming more noticeable. At last year's data of "Levada-Center" about the collapse of the Soviet Union regret is exactly two-thirds – 66 percent of respondents. And although it is not the highest figure for the entire post-Soviet history of sociological observation, however, is the maximum over the last ten years.[C-BLOCK]
Since the end of world war II Nazi symbols in Germany was banned. In this regard, it would seem that one would expect of a ban on the wearing of Nazi orders and medals. But this assumption does not quite match the real situation.
Today, historians are the different assumptions about the causes of Stalin's death from a brain hemorrhage before the poisoning. In this regard, researchers are usually interested in the circumstances and documents relating to the autopsy of the body of the leader. When we examine the testimonies and expert opinions, in this procedure, you can really detect a lot of suspicious moments.
15 September 1944 the battle for the island of Hogland. This was the first joint military action of the Soviet Union and Finland against Germany, which a week ago was an ally of the Finns against the Soviet Union. The role of the red army in the battle ambiguous, as does the Union of Moscow and Helsinki.
According to official data, Nadezhda Alliluyeva was the second and last wife of Joseph Stalin. However, a note addressed to Malenkov, which was published in the press in 2007, has given some historians the reason to change your mind. If you believe the author of the letter, second marriage leader concluded not Alliluyeva, and with a certain Anna Rubinstein.


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Why Vlasov called the main traitor of the great Patriotic

Why Vlasov called the main traitor of the great Patriotic

Surrendered in July 1942, Lieutenant-General of the red Army Andrei Vlasov took what is called a "vacant niche". If it was not, the Germans would have found someone else who would head the collaborationist formations of the Soviet prisoners of war.