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Voluntarily surrendered on 12 July 1942 in German captivity the commander of the 2nd Shock army Lieutenant General Andrei Vlasov, he organized and headed, as you know, the collaborationist "Russian liberation army*" (ROA*). To participate in the formation of the Third Reich has attracted up to 130 thousand Soviet prisoners of war. In addition, Vlasov also made numerous political statements aimed at expansion of cooperation with the enemy among the population of the occupied territories, and he turned to the soldiers of the red Army.[C-BLOCK]
Love the PPE Illarionovna was born in Ukraine in 1912, and about such at all times said "the girl with a strong character." By the age of 18 she was jumping with a parachute, know how to fly U-2 aircraft and worked as an instructor in flight school.There she met 20-year-old Leonid Khrushchev, son of the future head of the USSR.
1840 in the creative biography of Mikhail Lermontov saw the release of the single lifetime of poetry collection and the novel "Hero of our time". Both publications adopted the fame of the poet as heir of Pushkin. No less intense was the year for the military career of Lieutenant. In the summer he participated in the famous battle at the river Valerik, and in the fall took command of a division of cavalry-"the hunters", which is named after him Lermontov unit. Externally, the Russian soldiers were indistinguishable from the gang of "outlaws".
The fate of close relatives of traitors (most of the traitors after the exposure was executed in the Soviet Union) were different. Many barely moved what happened, because until then nothing "this" side of the family did not know. And someone committed suicide.
After the war the Soviet army took from Germany a lot of cultural values. More than 10 years in the Soviet Union was the altar of ancient Pergamum – the city where, according to the "Apocalypse" of St. John the Evangelist was "Satan's seat".
About Vladimir Vysotsky in his lifetime and after his death went and continues to go a lot of rumors and speculation. One of them, which States that the bard was a hardened criminal and has passed numerous camps and prisons, the reading public have long parted. However, the early "thug" cycle of Vysotsky's famous song about the "black gun" and a "Great Coach" give fans of conspiracy theories is reason to think: do Stelmakh if not a real release, then at least friends in the criminal world? Not just because emerged and this "black gun" and all thieves, camp romance in the works of the poet.
As soon as the red army liberated the Western Ukraine from the Nazis, occurred in the confrontation with the Ukrainian nationalist underground. The first serious clashes between the armed groups of the OUN-UPA (organization banned in Russia), the red army and the NKVD recorded in the spring and summer of 1944. Destroy the thugs managed to 1951, sometimes even in 1953. The struggle was severe on both sides, on mutual destruction.


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Why Vlasov called the main traitor of the great Patriotic

Why Vlasov called the main traitor of the great Patriotic

Surrendered in July 1942, Lieutenant-General of the red Army Andrei Vlasov took what is called a "vacant niche". If it was not, the Germans would have found someone else who would head the collaborationist formations of the Soviet prisoners of war.