With raisins or candied fruit: found out what cakes the city's residents love the most

on Easter Sunday, most of the city’s residents gather at a large table and eat Breakfast painted eggs and sweet cakes. A few days before Easter, the shelves are completely filled with traditional pastries and bakeries of the city are preparing for the holiday in advance, coming up with a new design and improving the recipe.

the head of the confectionery “Elecrama” Natalia Krivonosov told what cakes Novosibirsk looking forward to this year and a stuffing.

— There are people who like candied fruit, and others are raisins. Somewhere 50:50. Often this is due to age. The older generation buys traditional Easter cakes with raisins, and the youngest with candied fruit. Many clients tell funny stories as their grandchildren pick out the raisins.