Who was the only downed aviaperelety from the Soviet Union

History 07/02/20 Who was the only downed aviaperelety of the USSR

the entire history of the Soviet Union recorded more than a hundred cases of hijacking to escape abroad or commit a terrorist act. Moreover, almost half of the incidents were in the last years of the existence of the country. Significant aircraft speed was allowed to increase its chances of implementation of the escape, while the authorities on earth are in the dark about the incident. Unfortunately, the victims of the hijackers were sometimes ordinary passengers, came under the hot hand.

interestingly, the adventurers periodically captured an-2, main small aircraft, which usually carried out the transportation between the centers of regions and districts. Because of frequent usage in agriculture, the car was nicknamed “the corncob”. Not very big height of the movement and the modest size of the aircraft difficult to detect with radar systems. Fuel is usually enough for a short flight to a neighboring capitalist country. For example, in 1973 Rostov “kukuruznik” has successfully captured a worker Petrov passengers were ‘returned’ to the Soviet Embassy in Turkey, and Petrov was granted asylum in Canada. A similar case occurred in 1987. Then the young pilot, R. Svistunov, taking off from the field in the Latvian collective farm, landed the plane in Sweden, where he was granted a residence permit.

But not everyone managed to successfully finish the job. Often a grief-car thieves already on the ground neutralized the special forces, the terrorists waited for the shooting. Only once right in the sky it took the intervention of military jet fighter. This incident occurred at the beginning of Brezhnev’s reign… on 13 March 1967 the commander of crew Vladimir Miller and his assistant Yu Ant successfully completed the flight from Krasnodar at the airport in Tuapse, and then put his an-2 at the Parking lot. Soon they heard the engine noise. Surprised, the pilots resorted to the runway and found themood in the air. The heads of the Tuapse airport immediately reported the incident to border service. So, Krasnodar Region was the perfect place for flights to Turkey, the idea of the culprit became clear.

Theft carried out by someone Skrylev, not by hearsay familiar with military and civil aviation. He was fired because of alcohol abuse, then ex-pilot came from the Tomsk region to the Kuban in the hope of getting a job in the local branch of Aeroflot, but was refused. Apparently, the lack of professional development and money became the main reason of his action. He stopped in one of the southern hotels and began to look for a convenient place to hijack.

surprisingly, Skryleva only took thirty-five seconds to get to the salon, to remove the special lock and allow the equipment in a ready state. This contributed to the weak security measures in the form of a low fence and a lunch break at a regular mechanic. The band at that time, actually remained without supervision.

half an hour later the hijacker has already crossed the air border of Georgia and flew over the neutral waters. Then he came alongside the YAK-28 and MIG-17 taking off to intercept with air defense base near Sukhumi. MiG managed by an experienced Lieutenant Colonel V. N. Prischepa. The absence of the hostages persuaded the command to the application of fire. However, this did not happen immediately: the rocket “air-air” and the projectile heat-seeking are unable to fix the goal, coming too close to the water surface. Prischepa was able to bring down the “maize” only manually, on-Board artillery.

At the crash site made the search for bodies and physical evidence, but could only find air tank. Intelligence agencies conducted an investigative experiment in order to repeat actions Skryleva, and found a huge number of vulnerabilities in anti-theft system. Pilots of this model aircraft were ordered to close the cabin for special locks. By the way, no guilt or manifestation of negligence on the part of the crew it has not been established: the Miller and the Ants returned to their duties.

Ivan Komarnicki

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