Who remained with a small business in tough times: everything about the work of the Bank in the crisis

the Bank Acceptance for over 30 years, faithfully serving his clients, his shoulder is not a crisis. Even today, when the pandemic self-isolation and made adjustments and uncertainty in our lives, and some businesses were closed, fully functional in all offices of the Bank.

the Bank not only retained all the working processes: conducts transactions, opens and issues deposits, provides calculations clients on their Bank cards, but also continues lending to customers, accepting applications from physical and legal entities.

Great news for SMEs: the Bank Acceptance is one of the first in Russia accredited according to the program of economic development for the issuance of interest-free loans to small and micro-businesses. Now, if your organization refers to the list of industries most affected by the spread COVID-19, and to small or micro-businesses employing less than 100 people, you can get a loan for 0% interest on payment of salaries to employees for up to 12 months (first six months interest-free period, then applies a preferential rate of 4% per annum).