When in Novosibirsk will rain? Study the weather forecast for the next few days

Since the beginning of August in Novosibirsk there is a heat wave. Almost every day the thermometer rises to +30 degrees Celsius, with rains in the region is almost none. The emergencies Ministry has extended the emergency warning until 12 August. But many citizens are just waiting for when the weather will change and it will be possible to breathe a little freer.

We have studied weather forecasts from three popular services to understand what to expect from Novosibirsk in the coming days.

So, according to the site Gismeteo.ru on Monday, August 10, the city is still hot, the temperature will be kept at around 29 degrees. However, on Tuesday, despite the heat, the city will come thunderstorms and heavy rain, and the next day the thermometer will begin to drop.