To wear or not? Studying the video of the accident, in which a woman flew through the car window

In the project “Where are you going?” today, an accident on an emergency the intersection of Frunze Koshurnikova Krasina, which already came into our “most stupid crossroads.” 19 may there hard-faced Mazda Premacy and Suzuki Grand Vitara, injured woman out of the window Premacy — she was not wearing a seat belt. Read more how it happened and why it is necessary to fasten — in the material Dmitry Kosenko.

the Registrar of the car coming down the street Frunze, captured this accident — a Mazda Premacy approached the intersection down the street Krasin and tried to pass him straight in the right lane (left lane goes left at Koshurnikova). At this moment the intersection in high speed crash crossover Suzuki Grand Vitara — there is a collision of Mazda leaves the woman and falls on the roadway (see video).