To remove can't buy: simple instructions on how to permanently close the housing problem

mortgage and rent are the most common and most affordable ways of solving the housing problem. But what is more profitable: to buy their own apartment or is it off?

a Definite advantage mortgage is that the monthly payment you make to the Bank for their own homes, and not in the pocket of the landlord. Besides, you can always be sure that tomorrow you will be where to live, while the landlord may at any time leave you on the street. But if you plan on children, the issue of stable housing arises most acutely, and mortgages will become more rational solution. Not to mention the fact that in my apartment you are free to do anything: to have cattle, to drive nails, calling guests and the like.

it is Important to understand that if you are renting, then the probability of increasing the cost of rent. In the case of mortgage you at least have a fixed payment, as a maximum — unable to refinance or repay debt.

also Important is the fact that real estate is always one of the most successful financial investments. If necessary, you will be able to sell, bequeath or rent and earn passive rental income.

And if you already have an apartment, but you would like to improve their living conditions, do not rush to sell the current property. You can arrange a mortgage on important housing and existing to pass. Already available the apartment will pay for itself again acquired, and you will increase your ownership.

anyway, the mortgage wins the leased property at all points, because your house is always reliable. A Bank Acceptance how times have lowered rates on mortgages from 8.2% per annum! You can place it on a flat, room or apartment. In addition, it is possible to use the parent capital and early redemption.

Also you have great opportunity to arrange a mortgage according to the state program on housing in new buildings at the rate of 6.0% per annum! You need to submit a request to the Bank Accept and up to October 30, 2020, to sign documents for a mortgage loan.