This is true not everyone will like: what implantologists

About the most common misconceptions, which are costly to patients, said implant surgeon chief physician of the International centre of implantology iDent Michael Toder.

the Truth about low prices

— As the head doctor and co-founder of the clinic I say with full responsibility: dumping prices just does not happen. Yes, they immediately attract patients. But few understand that low prices are always formed by something. For example, you may not fully convey information to the patient, to say: here’s a super low price. And then offer a service which is allegedly inseparably connected with what he did.

Or another option: in advertising, you often write: the price of implant so many rubles. The patient is mentally multiplies this figure by the number of missing teeth and thinks that in so much of him and will cost implantation. And later, you may find that have the advantage to pay for the surgery, casts, crowns, anesthesia, and so on. The final cost in a result very different from that which was expected, patient. For us, this approach is unacceptable, we call the patient the final cost of the implant and put it in the contract. And you can be 100% sure that in the future it will not increase.

We do not sell implants. We offer our patients specific and result-called fair guaranteed price. In addition, the clinic iDent is very flexible to the payment terms; including providing different options of payment by installments.